Luglio-Agosto 2022

Italy vs. Germany – “More planning, less creativity. Even in the labor market, Germany schedules a lot and focuses on the efficiency of the system and strucutres.”

An interesting comparison of the labormarket between the German and Italian models offers the interview with the ECSSA President Valerie Schena Ehrenberger, in which she points out:

  • that the German Labour market is more structured than the Italian one, with the players cleraly identified
  • the approach and culture of #work in Germany sees the #SearchandSelection Consultant as a strategic partner, important for the #growth of the company, whereas in Italy the informal “word of mouth”- approach is still widespread
  • in both countries, however, the market recognises the consultant’s ability to create a relationship of trust with the #candidate, necessary to assess his/her #motivation, ambitions and, above all, values, which today often are the basis of professional choices.


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